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Conservation Links

New Zealand Waxeye

General Conservation Links

If you know of any conservation sites or resources you think may be worthwhile please send us the link.

  • Chinese Conservation Education Trust
    The CCET is a group of individuals dedicated to bringing conservation to the Chinese living in New Zealand. Site in both English and Chinese.
  • Greenpeace New Zealand
    Focuses on worldwide environmental issues such as oceans and ancient forests protection; climate change; nuclear issues; pollution and genetic engineering.
  • Isaac Centre for Nature Conservation
    Promotes the conservation of biological diversity and other elements of nature and its sustainable use. Umbrella body for all nature conservation research at Lincoln University.
  • Kiwi Conservation Club
    Offers children the gift of nature, encouraging them to enjoy, understand and love the natural world.
  • New Zealand Landcare Trust
    Works with community groups to encourage sustainable land management and biodiversity.
  • New Zealand National Parks and Conservation Foundation
    Established to promote and support the conservation and protection of New Zealand's unique natural heritage, particularly supporting projects in and around national parks.
  • Queen Elizabeth II National Trust
    Established to encourage and promote the provision, protection and enhancement of open space for the benefit and enjoyment of the people of New Zealand".
  • Seafriends
    Ocean ecology, conservation and educational resources. Discussion papers on a large range of topics relating to New Zealand seas and their biodiversity.
  • World Wildlife Fund - New Zealand
    Works with researchers, scientists, other conservationists, local communities, business and government to address pressing conservation issues.


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